Love or Hate Flash; Here’s How to Use Web Server Content Compression Properly

Are you serving .SWF files from your web server and getting complaints from your end users that your flash app is “just slow?” Or has your Ops team wondered why you see such high web request response times for some of the web service calls executed by your Flash Client? I was just working with a bank that uses a Flash Component for one of their internal risk management applications. read more

How to Manage User Experience for Silverlight and Flash Applications

Even though HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are great technologies for building Rich Client Applications that run in the browser – many people continue to use “real” Rich Client Browser Technologies such as Flash and Silverlight as it provides greater flexibility in certain scenarios. From a User Experience Management (UEM) or Real User Monitoring (RUM) perspective these technologies are not really treated as first class citizens by most UEM/RUM vendors. As… read more