Fault Domain Isolation

The Mystery of the Little Big Transaction Time

There is a common belief is that to make the right decision or to find the root cause of a problem we need to analyze as much information as possible. We, citizens of the information society, however, sometimes feel overloaded and strained with information. As a result, we try to weed out unnecessary bits quickly and focus on only those that can bring us closer to solving the current problem. Analyzing a performance problem usually requires an end-to-end view of the complete transaction that impacted the end user experience. In this article we will show how numbers can be misleading and, if not carefully analyzed, may seem pretty insignificant. We also discuss how a proper data analysis tool with fault domain isolation workflow and an understanding of what is normal (baselining) can help us to get to the bottom of the issue, e.g., that a database server is experiencing a performance problem. read more