Automate push of 3rd-party events into Dynatrace problem analysis

Dynatrace monitoring is now an integral component of many DevOps teams’ tool chains. No matter if you’re triggering a load test or pushing a new deployment into production, Dynatrace offers the right APIs for ensuring the stability and high performance of your applications. While Dynatrace OneAgent does a great job of deeply monitoring your technology stack, there are certain situations where only 3rd-party systems can provide required contextual information about external events. read more

Live from Velocity San Jose 2017

Velocity has transformed over the last couple of years – such as how organizations transformed their way of building, scaling and maintaining the software that powers their business. I remember the early days of Velocity where it was all about Web Performance Optimization, then it moved over to Web Scale, DevOps, Building Resilient Systems and now we arrived at this years theme which is: Building and maintaining complex… read more

Live from OOP2014

I’m currently at OOP2014 in Munich where, aside from giving a talk called “Lifecycle by Design” (slides are on Slideshare), I also had the chance to have some great conversations at our booth and attend a couple of sessions. My personal highlight so far was yesterday’s hilarious session by Kevlin Henney called “Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers”. He opined for paying attention to visual design… read more