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5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Bonus Track

Our client TescaraHats (...) used APM tool to fix a number of e-commerce application performance and usability issues we presented in this mini-series. But there was still a missing link that would ensure TescaraHats increased sales. I guess you thought we forgot about the conversion rate? Nope, here is how an application performance management (APM) tool can tell you why it is so low. read more

5 Steps to Improve E-Commerce Performance for Increased Sales: Introduction

The saying “if it doesn’t exist on the Internet, it doesn’t exist“ is reigning truer every day. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine most businesses without an e-commerce platform, let alone without a web presence at all. Since e-commerce is becoming the new standard, e-commerce performance needs to be at its best. In this blog series, I have come up with several ways to ensure your company's e-commerce performance success, including: avoiding unnecessary network load, reducing number of (internal) HTTP errors, improving backend performance, understanding your clients, ensuring scalability of e-commerce site and finally understanding sales results through conversion rate. read more

Can SAP Related Problems Impact Your Commute?

Just as Walt started the engine the car beeped. He realized he might be out of gas by the time he reached his office in the downtown of Ragpo, Glovania. Luckily he recalled there was a gas station at the main junction just before getting to the speedway. He pulled over and rushed to the dispenser only to find a notice saying: Sorry, we are out of gas. Waiting for the delivery Now he had to find another gas station but was not too sure whether he will get there. A few days before, the manager at that gas station had noticed it was time to order more gasoline; he opened up the application for making orders at GlovaniaGas. But the process kept hanging for quite a while and eventually he got disconnected. He called the help desk and learned that the company was currently experiencing some problems with their oil derivatives order processing running on SAP system. read more