Digital Disruption

What Happens with 200 CDOs in a Room

I had the opportunity to attend the Chief Digital Officer Global Forum in NYC last week and was impressed by the major brands representing a very serious focus on transforming deeply and digitally to create better experiences for their customers. Not everyone there had committed to the Chief Digital Officer title yet, some flirting with it, some not into “labels” but everyone very much in a… read more

Revenge of the Nerds – Why Performance Matters

In this short video I was asked to present on digital disruption and why performance matters to digital marketers, line of business and social gurus.  I took the stance that, yes technical customer experience matters, but also, releasing a successful digital application is a lot harder than it looks. It was October 2015 and Marty McFly had returned from the past… or headed to the future.  Either way when he… read more

Going from Cautious Adopter to Digital Disruptor – with Ray Wang of Constellation Research [Video]

How can Cautious Adopters become Digital Disruptors? R “Ray” Wang, Founder and CEO of Constellation Research, INC and Best selling author reviews: The 4 identifying quadrants of digital disruption How to classify your own business’ state of disruption and If you are in the popular Cautious Adopter state, how to advance to the esteem Digital Disruptor status. read more

Dynatrace: Dogfooding the Cat Food

As the digital performance management market leader, Dynatrace could be forgiven for resting on its laurels – but driving innovation is still top priority, even facing the risks of the Innovator’s Dilemma. In the years since Clayton Christiansen’s book, the Innovator’s Dilemma is now a familiar challenge: incumbent companies with established customers are loathe to invest in innovations that might disrupt existing revenue streams – thus eventually ceding… read more