Dynatrace monitoring for Azure Web Apps

 For the latest details regarding Azure monitoring with Dynatrace, please see Dynatrace Help. We’ve received many requests for monitoring support of Azure App Service. More specifically, customers have inquired about monitoring Azure Web Apps. Ruxit now provides support for Azure Web Apps. As Azure App Service is a Platform-as-a-Service environment that provides limited access, you can’t install the Ruxit Agent in the usual manner. For this reason we provide a Ruxit… read more


Getting into the topic Gene Kim’s blog “IT Revolution” is one of the most popular starting points on the topic. Basic questions of the DevOps world are answered in a short and understandable way within the “Top 11 Things To Know About DevOps”. The oft-cited blogpost DevOps Convergence by John Willis is also a must read if you’d like to know the history of… read more

How to get into microservices real quick

Microservices is a software architecture approach that advocates using smaller, independent units of software in place of monolithic all-in-one services. The following collection of informative resources gives you a great foundation of knowledge for getting started and succeeding with microservices. Learn the basics Martin Fowler Martin Fowler is a renowned software engineer, author, and speaker. His website contains lots of great insights related to microservices in particular and software development in general. read more

Top Docker influencers to follow

Container technology is the killer app when it comes to building and running microservices architectures. There are a countless number of articles, events, and resources out there related to the hot topics of containers, microservices, and DevOps. Docker is a player in the container market that has great momentum behind it at the moment—they recently raised $95M in a Series D funding round. Following is my list of… read more