device emulation

Mobile-device emulation for web checks

You now have the option of defining a mobile-device profile for each of your web checks. This means that your web checks can now emulate the behavior of any of the most popular mobile devices in use today. Set device type for new web checks With our new simplified web-check creation and edit workflow you’ll find the mobile-device emulation option on the Create a new web check page. To… read more

Web check device profiles & frequency estimates

We’ve improved the web-check creation workflow with the introduction of some great new enhancements. Assign device profiles Now when you create a web check, you can select the device profile of the device type you want to emulate. For full details on mobile-device emulation with Ruxit, see the Mobile-device emulation for web checks blog post. To assign a device profile to a web check Open the Ruxit menu and select Availability & SLA (or… read more