Personalization: The Impact on Ecommerce Customer Experience

The generic customer journey is dead. One size no longer fits all – for both B2C and B2B customers. So how do you make a customer feel special when the internet has all but eliminated differentiating by product or price? According to Gartner, the delivered digital customer experience must be the key differentiator for your organization.1 So it’s no surprise that one of the top initiatives for retailers is… read more

Designing Frictionless Digital Experiences – with Ray Wang of Constellation Research [Video]

How can Cautious Adopters become Digital Disruptors? R “Ray” Wang, Founder and CEO of Constellation Research, INC and Best selling author reviews: The 4 identifying quadrants of digital disruption How to classify your own business’ state of disruption and If you are in the popular Cautious Adopter state, how to advance to the esteem Digital Disruptor status. read more

Coming Back to the Digital Future

Millennials have increasingly higher demands from their digital user experiences, and retailers need to adapt faster than ever. Ok, I didn’t make that statement up myself, it’s actually evident in this annual survey (pdf) on mobile holiday shopping titled “Coming Back to the Digital Future.” Millennials surveyed, ages 18 – 34, show us some really great insight into current and future customer expectations. As we all… read more

Speed is CX Feature #1

Speed is a critical feature, simply because your users don’t like to look at empty screens or useless spinners when they ask for information. And if they hold that screen in their hand and use a finger to interact with it on the phone or tablet, it’s even more intimate and frustrating if a website or a native app is slow. Know Your Numbers During recent years… read more

Creating Evolved Applications for Evolving Customer Experiences [Infographic]

.png Change and variability in customer buying behaviors is a constant. Especially as buying power shifts to the millennial generation, born digitals with higher expectations.  It’s our job to be prepared to build a high performing digital experience around each potential customer and precisely in the moment and place they need it. At a macro level, the battle to drive specific user behavior is lost, creating… read more

Mobilegeddon is here.

Google’s new algorithms for mobile search have arrived. If you’re calling it #Mobilegeddon then it caught you by surprise.  And in fact, it’s catching a lot of businesses off guard if they don’t have a solid digital performance strategy in place. A bit of background Google is in the process of changing how they rank mobile web pages (pages that load… read more

When Customer Flight Can Hurt an Airline

No transformation comes without pain and mastering the forces at play today in the race to digital success is no exception. The latest chapter in the digital transformation story appears to be unveiling upon Southwest Airlines. For the past two days customers experienced issues interacting with Southwest’s .com and mobile assets as a result of high digital demand driven by a flash 3-day fare sale. The parallels between… read more