Does your Liquid Infrastructure float? Or are you sinking in what you don’t know?

With so many new web technologies available, one might assume that things are getting easier for the average Operations-minded DevOps professional, but they aren’t. In fact, things are becoming more difficult. It used to be that a little background in shell scripting and some basic knowledge of infrastructure—whether it be networking or servers—could get you a long way. Then came virtualization and the Cloud and software-defined everything. Today you find… read more

Enhanced MongoDB monitoring (beta)

We’re happy to announce the beta availability of enhanced Ruxit MongoDB monitoring. MongoDB monitoring provides you with a good understanding of your MongoDB performance and its impact on your applications. Viewing MongoDB monitoring metrics Captured MongoDB metrics are displayed on MongoDB Process pages. Click the infographic, or click the MongoDB metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details. Collected metrics Metric Description Current connections Reflects number of incoming connections from clients to the… read more

Know when database statements are executed

Have you ever wondered which SQL statement is responsible for a detected response-time or load spike on your database? Ruxit can now tell you exactly which database statements are executed when in your environment. You’ll now find this information included in the Database statements list at the bottom of each database-service Details page and each database-operation Details pages. Adjust the analysis time frame Adjusting the analysis time frame results in an… read more

Dynatrace newsletter: Enhanced Docker monitoring & upcoming webinar!

Welcome to the March Dynatrace Ruxit newsletter! To gear up for spring, we’ve released several new features and we’ll be hosting a liquid-infrastructure monitoring webinar at the end of the month! Enhanced Docker container monitoring is now available! Dynatrace Ruxit has been reliably monitoring Dockerized applications for a while now. To provide a more complete picture, we’ve added Docker container-centric perspectives for Docker images, services, and hosts. read more

Enhanced MSSQL Server monitoring (beta)

We’re proud to announce beta availability of enhanced Microsoft SQL Server monitoring. Ruxit MSSQL monitoring provides insights that help pinpoint SQL Server performance issues and identify potential bottlenecks. Viewing MSSQL monitoring metrics Captured MSSQL metrics are displayed on MSSQL Process pages. Click the infographic or the SQL metrics and Further details tabs to view metric details. Collected metrics: User connections Number of users connected to SQL Server. Transactions Number of currently active transactions (all… read more

Dynatrace newsletter: Network monitoring for DevOps & database error analysis!

Welcome to the February Dynatrace Ruxit newsletter! Our team has been researching monitoring challenges for DevOps teams, and we’re excited to share the findings with you! 3 levels of network monitoring for DevOps Basic network interface statistics like received and sent traffic aren’t as useful as they once were because multiple microservices may share the same network interface. DevOps teams now need to dig deeper and correlate network-traffic metrics… read more

Performance anomaly detection for database services

Dynatrace now offers detailed anomaly-detection settings for database services. You can even override automatic baselining and use your own custom thresholds. Dynatrace automatically learns the baseline reference values of all your database services and notifies you when response-time degradations occur or error rates increase. As the number of database service calls is typically much higher than the number of web service requests, and because database-service response times are on average… read more

How to tune your database in two minutes

Default settings are helpful because they allow you to get your applications and services up and running quickly. This is awesome for getting started with development, but you may run into issues when you move your application into production. Here’s how to check your database for a few easy-to-overlook-but-easy-to-fixTM issues in under two minutes. Check for administrative overhead While SELECT 1 FROM DUAL does not add to… read more

Dynatrace adds Cassandra monitoring via Thrift

In Agent version 1.61 we introduced support for the communication protocol Thrift. Thrift is a cross-platform cross-language communication framework that behaves very much like web services and so therefore automatically show ups in Dynatrace Ruxit monitoring. It’s used by a wide variety projects, most prominent among them, Cassandra. Thus you can now see Cassandra databases as a service, see traffic into Cassandra from your Java application’s… read more