Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Cyber Week Digital Performance Coverage

TOC: Cyber Week Kickoff, November 22 – 2016 Holiday Season Analysis Tuesday Update: T-minus 3 days to Black Friday Wednesday Morning Update: What’s at Stake? Wednesday Afternoon Update: You Want a Piece of That Pie? Thursday Morning: Off to an Early Start! Thursday Afternoon Update: Looks Like Things are Starting to Cook Black Friday Morning Update: What are You Watching? Black Friday… read more

Use Visibility & Facts to Avoid Lengthy War Rooms & Miscommunication

A few days back I was called into a war room situation with the hosted services group of our partner hybris. They were facing issues with the eCommerce site of one of their customers, a large UK based luxury clothing retailer. The situation was quite critical. Even though loadtests were conducted and everything appeared to be optimal, the eCommerce site encountered issues during a recent customer promotion which required… read more

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Live Blog: Retailers’ Mobile & Web Performance

Update: December 9, 2015 at 9:00am EST The Mobile Holiday Weekend Now that the dust has settled let’s have a look at how mobile impacted the Holiday weekend. Dynatrace’s holiday shopping report told us that 50% of millennials will do more mobile shopping than they will by making in store purchases, and 60% of them will be doing more mobile shopping than they did last year. With that in… read more

Holiday 2012 – In the first week of the season, my site performance was…

It’s been a busy and successful 7 days for online retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic and sales were well above 2011, and there was the extra benefit to those businesses that started deals on Thanksgiving Night. The traffic data collected by the Compuware Ecommerce and Retail Real use Monitoring index matched almost exactly the pattern seen by Akamai… read more

Cyber Monday Wrap-up: The Power of Positive Performance

When compared to an already busy weekend, Cyber Monday was big this year. This is reflected by an increase in traffic to sites monitored for the Compuware Ecommerce and Retail Real User Measurement Index on Cyber Monday, with traffic volumes that were up 75% over Thanksgiving Day and 30% over Black Friday. To accompany this traffic boom, analysts are already stating that Cyber Monday sales were up 24% over 2011,… read more

Midday Cyber Monday – The Bad Taste of Third Party Performance

Based on comments from top Cyber Monday watchers, it’s likely to be one of the busiest online sales days of 2012. However, its continuing relevance may be fading in a world of readily available broadband and mobile Internet access. While it may not be as strong a force in today’s online commerce world, statistics show that it still attracts a lot of attention, driven in measure by the pursuit of… read more

Thanksgiving Weekend Analysis – Big Online Sales, but No Performance Surprises

It is clear that for online commerce, this season is starting off very well, with comScore analysis stating that Black Friday sales topped $1B for the first time. This near-explosive start to the holiday shopping season has analysts somewhat unsure if this indicates a positive start to a successful season or just an initial rush leading into a normal shopping season. One of the key indicators we are watching is… read more

How Will Retailers' Sites Perform During “Make it or Break it” 2012 Holiday Season?

Online shopping during the 2012 holiday seasons is on target to be the busiest in history. Business is expected to be up 450% more than on an average day, while online retailers could see a 200% gain. Black Friday is expected to be the second-biggest online retail day this year, with sales growing 12% from 2011. The stakes remain very high for retailers — even a slight disruption or slowdown… read more