Customer Satisfaction

Are Banks Prepared for the Tablet Revolution?

In an earlier post, I discussed that if retailers want to maximize ecommerce revenue from tablet owners, they had to first deliver fast, quality, optimized web experiences to their customers on tablets. This not only holds true in retail, but also for financial services. According to Gartner, worldwide tablet sales will reach 326.3 million by the end of 2015. Tablet owners’ higher than… read more

Consumers Less Tolerant of Poor Performance

Are you responsible for your company’s web applications?  You should know that consumers have become less tolerant of poor website performance and are a lot more prone to action when they encounter problems.  Basically, website users are mad and they are not going to take it anymore. How do we know this?  We commissioned a study about user behavior around websites during peak traffic times such as black Friday, peak… read more

Mobile is on the move. Are you keeping up with your customers?

After years of eager anticipation, the mobile revolution is now truly moving ahead. According to IDC in 3 years more US Internet users will access the Web through mobile devices than through PCs. By 2011, Nielsen expects the U.S. market will own more smartphones — with advanced browsers and connectivity — than ordinary “feature” phones. But as mobile opportunities increase, so do customer expectations. In a 2011… read more