Cross Browser Performance

User-session search and analytics have arrived

The new User sessions search and analytics view enables you to search for specific users and analyze your user sessions across applications based on specific criteria. To access User sessions view, click the new User sessions link in the navigation menu. User sessions view (see below) displays your environment’s user distribution on a world map. It also displays your environment’s top users (based on user session count during the selected… read more

Improved browser breakdown for applications

With the latest release we’ve improved the browser breakdown for monitored applications. We’ve added a table view on each application Performance analysis page that tracks three key metrics (Usage, Performance, and JavaScript errors) across platforms and browser types. With one click you can check if your slowest desktop browser is used by a lot of people or find out which of your top-five browsers has the most JavaScript errors. To view browser-breakdown for… read more

Mastering Complexity at the Edge

Unlike past applications that ran solely in the data center, modern applications execute code on diverse edge devices, often calling services from a variety of third-party cloud providers across the Internet, well beyond the view of traditional monitoring systems. To make matters worse, companies that modify their applications more frequently increase the complexity at the edge. While third-party services improve the end-user experience and deliver functionality faster than standalone applications, these… read more

Will the Latest Round of Browser Wars Improve the User Experience and Website Performance?

Today, a greater share of the Web experience responsibility has shifted from servers to the client-side, where the user’s browser plays a bigger role. In addition, the growing complexity of Web applications has lead to the browser becoming the integration platform. Understand the impact of the "Browser Wars". read more