CPU consumption

Diagnostic tools now consolidated for easy access

Dynatrace has long featured numerous capabilities for detecting and analyzing performance problems in your application environment. In addition to performance-analysis features related to services, we have other powerful tools, like the CPU Profiler which enables you not only to understand which are the biggest CPU consumers in your environment but also to drill down to the method level (Java or .NET) of any CPU problem. Dynatrace also automatically detects… read more

Now you can analyze Nginx CPU consumption!

Dynatrace has long provided monitoring visibility into Nginx modules via the response time hotspots listing on each Nginx service page. Now you can access this hotspot data within the global CPU profiler where it is now correlated with Nginx CPU-consumption metrics. To access Nginx CPU-consumption data Select CPU profiler (code level) from the menu. From the Process type list, select Nginx. From here you can either analyze the entire process group at the code level (see… read more

Analyze CPU consumption of background threads

Dynatrace is proud to announce a brand new feature: Background activity analysis. Just select Background activity from the navigation menu to access it. Most applications consist of one or more services and process requests. This is where the bulk of CPU is typically consumed by a process. However most applications also have background threads. Background threads perform work that isn’t related to any individual request. Dynatrace analyzes not only… read more

Code-level visibility for PHP now available

Starting with Agent v1.85, Ruxit offers code-level visibility for its PHP deep-monitoring support. Code-level visibility gives you insights into where your PHP code spends the most time and uses the most CPU. To access PHP code-level view: Click the Services tile on your Ruxit homepage. Select an Apache or PHP service. Select a PHP request. Click the View response time hotspots button. If you use FPM, select your FPM service and click… read more