code-level visibility

Code-level visibility now available for Node.js

Dynatrace has long provided code-level visibility for Java, .NET, and PHP. Code-level visibility is now also available for Node.js services! You can use Dynatrace to access Node.js code-level insights in several different ways. Global CPU profiler The environment-wide CPU profiler view shows the CPU activity of all monitored processes down to the code level, enabling you to profile the CPU consumption of each individual process, process group, service. Click CPU… read more

Code-level insights and failure analysis for service backtrace

The new service backtrace feature has quickly become a favorite with Ruxit users. We’ve received lots of positive feedback about it! And now we have more good news to share about service backtrace. We’ve added code-level insights and failure reasons to make service backtrace even more powerful! Understand where service calls originate in your code Previously, looking at the easyTravel Customer Frontend service example below, it wouldn’t have been possible to know where in… read more

Code-level error analysis for PHP

Beginning with Agent v1.85, Ruxit offers code-level visibility for PHP deep-monitoring support. We’ve now additionally added code-level error visibility for PHP monitoring. To view PHP code-level errors: Click the Services tile on your Ruxit homepage. Select any web-request service that has PHP deep monitoring enabled. If you see a Failure rate for the service or any of its web requests, click the Failure rate tab.  Click into the timeline chart… read more