Seamless ServiceNow CMDB sync & problem detection

Managing highly dynamic service and application infrastructures with a CMDB database can be cumbersome and error prone. Modern microservices infrastructures commonly contain thousands of individual business-critical services and related dependencies. Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors all such services and applications in real time, detects deviations from normal behavior (availability, performance, and/or errors), and synchronizes this data with your ServiceNow instance. Dynatrace anomaly detection The first step toward gaining full technology… read more

Performance monitoring with certified ServiceNow integration

The Dynatrace-to-ServiceNow integration is the perfect way to seamlessly report IT-service related problems into your organization’s ITIL process. By integrating Dynatrace state-of-the-art full-stack performance monitoring with your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB), you get increased accuracy and avoid the time-consuming effort of manually mapping your entire system environment. Keeping your configuration management database (CMDB) up to date typically means manually updating your system structure on a regular basis. This… read more