AI-driven team collaboration: Problem-comments feed and new API endpoint

The new problem comments feed enables your team members to collect team knowledge, discuss AI-detected root causes of detected problems, and evaluate appropriate remediation actions related to problems detected by Dynatrace. AI-driven team collaboration The term “ChatOps” suggests team collaboration and conversation-driven problem analysis that ultimately leads to effective remedial actions. As today’s web-application environments are often huge, service clusters are dynamic, and immediate response time is critical to maintaining… read more

The ChatOps Approach to Software Delivery

Dynatrace synthetic monitoring runs tests against a web application and provides users with information on application performance and availability. This includes alerts whenever performance or availability go below defined thresholds. sl However, the process by which alerts are received, evaluated, and diagnosed is changing rapidly. Some of this change is driven by our new Retry on Error feature, which automatically retries a test that for some reason… read more