Custom percentiles for dashboard charts & Dynatrace API calls

Dynatrace monitors the performance of each transaction that occurs in your environment. Performance data, including response times for each service and service method, are tracked and stored for each transaction. By collecting such time series data for each transaction and categorizing the results based on percentiles, Dynatrace can show the distribution of response times of each service and service method over time. All of the response time distribution charts presented… read more

Use filtering to build more effective dashboards and charts

Dynatrace has taken a major step forward in its charting and dashboarding capabilities! We’ve introduced powerful new filtering options that enable you to set up custom dashboards in support of the unique monitoring needs of individual teams. Your teams can now focus on the specific hosts, applications, and/or services that are relevant to their work. We’ve also introduced new charting options that enable you to build custom charts that focus… read more