Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 130

Reserved space visualization Reserved disk space (which includes space for Cassandra Metrics storage, Elasticsearch storage, Dynatrace installation storage, and Transaction storage) is now visualized as separate colored bars in Node details view (see example below). Previously, reserved space wasn’t explicitly called out (it was included within Free disk space left). This caused some confusion related to data retention events. Also in this Release We now offer you… read more

Introducing Cassandra monitoring

We’re happy to announce the beta release of Dynatrace Cassandra monitoring! Apache Cassandra server monitoring provides information about database exceptions, failed requests, performance, and more. You’ll know immediately if your Cassandra databases are underperforming. And when problems occur, it’s easy to see which nodes are affected. To view Cassandra monitoring insights Click Technologies in the menu. Click the Cassandra tile. Note: Monitoring of multiple Cassandra clusters isn’t supported in this beta release. read more

Dynatrace adds Cassandra monitoring via Thrift

In Agent version 1.61 we introduced support for the communication protocol Thrift. Thrift is a cross-platform cross-language communication framework that behaves very much like web services and so therefore automatically show ups in Dynatrace Ruxit monitoring. It’s used by a wide variety projects, most prominent among them, Cassandra. Thus you can now see Cassandra databases as a service, see traffic into Cassandra from your Java application’s… read more

Top Performance Problems discussed at the Hadoop and Cassandra Summits

In the last couple of weeks my colleagues and I attended the Hadoop and Cassandra Summits in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was rewarding to talk to so many experienced Big Data technologists in such a short time frame – thanks to our partners DataStax and Hortonworks for hosting these great events! It was also great to see that performance is becoming an important topic… read more