How Real User Monitoring saves you Mainframe MIPS!

Today I want to share a success story from one of our customers in the financial business who combined the currently hyped topic Real User Monitoring with the good old mainframe. They used Real User Monitoring to identify unnecessary calls from their rich client application into the mainframe and reduced useless data retrieved from the mainframe which ultimately saved them lots of money on MIPS. The customer’s internal banking application… read more

Are We Under A DDoS Attack?

Ensuring reliability and security of the IT infrastructure at a bank is not an easy task. It gets harder when the bank is very popular, with many branches spread across the country. The potential sources that can affect the end user experience (EUE) range from the internal infrastructure and the internal banking application through various ISPs implementing access for bank branches and end users of the e-banking solution. read more

Are Banks Prepared for the Tablet Revolution?

In an earlier post, I discussed that if retailers want to maximize ecommerce revenue from tablet owners, they had to first deliver fast, quality, optimized web experiences to their customers on tablets. This not only holds true in retail, but also for financial services. According to Gartner, worldwide tablet sales will reach 326.3 million by the end of 2015. Tablet owners’ higher than… read more