AWS tags

Management of your entities just went from cool to awesome!

Organizing large monitoring environments is never easy. Dynatrace deals with this challenge particularly well because it understands the different components in your environment. It knows about your services, your deployed containers, CloudFoundry and OpenShift applications, your web servers, and your physical and virtual hosts. To effectively manage all these entities, Dynatrace relies on tagging. This includes both manual and automatically applied tags. Over the last year, we’ve extended Dynatrace… read more

Organize monitored components with tags

Ruxit now provides you with the ability to tag the components of your application environment, enabling you to organize your monitoring data based on key criteria such as environment type, purpose, or owner. Tags are completely customizable and thereby serve as a simple form of annotation that can be leveraged across Ruxit. Once assigned, you can use tags to filter lists of services, hosts.  Tagging enables you to get a quick overview of the performance… read more