availability monitoring

New menu entry point for web checks & synthetic availability monitoring

We’re currently working on significant enhancements to our synthetic availability monitoring options. Clickpath web checks and availability web checks will soon be complemented by powerful new synthetic monitoring options that you can use to test the availability of your web applications and key workflows. To access web checks, select Synthetic availability from the navigation bar. Here you’ll find that the previously named Web checks page has been renamed Synthetic checks (see image below). The functionality… read more

Problem severity classifications now available

Over the past couple of years, we’ve discovered that classifying detected problems based solely on impact to related services and applications is insufficient. For example, serious application availability problems can sometimes be difficult to recognize amidst unrelated infrastructure resource problems. This is why we’ve introduced problem severity levels to help you focus on severe problems (for example, application availability problems) while ignoring insignificant resource issues. The latest Dynatrace release introduces… read more

Advanced process group availability monitoring

For some time now, Dynatrace has provided you the ability to automatically detect when the unavailability of a specific process results in a problem (for example, increased failure rate or outages of your website). Recently we announced that you can receive notifications when a process within a specific process group becomes unavailable—even if no related customer impact is detected. We’ve now added another enhancement that’s particularly useful for cluster… read more

Now you can verify application accessibility to web-check IP addresses

Ensuring the worldwide availability of your web application is key to your business success. This is why we’ve made it possible to now check your application’s accessibility to the IP addresses that Dynatrace uses to deliver availability web checks. The external IP addresses of our web-check locations around the world are now included on each web check’s Monitoring schedule page. In this way, you can confirm that synthetic web checks will be… read more

Availability monitoring and alerting for process groups!

You can now configure Dynatrace to proactively alert you if any process within a specific process group goes offline or crashes. Dynatrace has also long been able to recognize the unavailability of specific processes as the root cause of certain response-time issues and other problems. However, until now, active availability monitoring and alerting was only available at the application level—made possible via web checks and real user monitoring. Now you can be… read more

Web check analysis for outages and performance spikes

To get your summer started off right, Ruxit is launching a public beta of our new web check analysis page! You can now dive into the details of any web check run Analysis page to troubleshoot external outages and performance violations. To access a web check run Analysis page Open the Ruxit menu and select Availability & SLA. Select a web check. On the Web checks page, select one of the Top findings (Status, Performance violation, Slowest run,… read more

Revamped Web checks page and Details view!

We’ve added some great new improvements to the Web checks and related Details pages. Web checks page Each Web checks page now provides even more insight into your site’s availability and performance. You can track the results of multiple web checks during any two-hour time range. With sortable columns and filters forStatus, Type of web check, Device profile, and Monitored location, you can quickly access an overview of any web checks… read more

Detection and correlation of availability issues

Dynatrace intelligent problem correlation is a powerful tool used by DevOps to quickly identify and understand problematic situations in large-scale environments. To highlight the value of Dynatrace availability-problem detection we’ve added some textual explanations to event descriptions on Problem pages. The first addition relates to Unexpected low traffic application problems. Such problems are often an indicator of availability issues on the application side. Because Dynatrace compares current traffic with traffic from 7 days… read more

Weekly availability reports are here!

In addition to monthly availability reports, Ruxit now provides weekly availability reports. New users who create web checks in the course of the Ruxit product tour are automatically subscribed to weekly availability reports. This is yet another great benefit of monitoring web application availability and performance via web checks. We’ve updated the reporting workflow slightly to accommodate weekly availability reports. Previously, you could only access availability reports via… read more