Microservices: When Micro becomes Nano

We have all experienced the excitement of bringing a new technology or architectural pattern — like microservices — on the design table: “It is really powerful and exactly what we need to meet our challenges, so let’s start implementing it!” I feel the same way about microservices! It has a lot of potential and already has changed the way we think about development, automated testing and operations. However, introducing a new… read more

Monolith to MicroServices: Key Architectural Metrics to Watch

Through my Share Your PurePath program I can confirm that many software companies are moving towards a more service-oriented approach. Whether you just call them services – or Micro-services doesn’t really matter. If you want to get a quick overview of the concepts I really encourage you to read Benjamin Wootton’s blog and the comments on “Microservices – Not A Free Lunch!” In the data that has been… read more

Are We Under A DDoS Attack?

Ensuring reliability and security of the IT infrastructure at a bank is not an easy task. It gets harder when the bank is very popular, with many branches spread across the country. The potential sources that can affect the end user experience (EUE) range from the internal infrastructure and the internal banking application through various ISPs implementing access for bank branches and end users of the e-banking solution. read more