Application Lifecycle

How Using APM throughout the Application Lifecycle Can Affect your Revenue

Working with APM solutions often puts us in the spotlight when applications have problems. Many of us follow a common series of “phases” with some key differences depending on how the application lifecycle is implemented both with processes and tooling. This is a story about a customer I found particularly interesting because they showed the value of not only using APM in production, but also verifying in test, as well… read more

An Integrated Approach to Load Test Analysis, Part 2 – The Follow-up Test

This post was co-authored by Andreas Grabner, Team Lead for the Compuware APM Center of Excellence. In a previous post, I demonstrated how to add more depth to the analysis of a Compuware APM Web Load Test by combining the external load results with the application and infrastructure data collected by the Compuware PureStack Technology™. But, now that we have tested the system once, what would… read more