Application Delivery Chain

Can SAP Related Problems Impact Your Commute?

Just as Walt started the engine the car beeped. He realized he might be out of gas by the time he reached his office in the downtown of Ragpo, Glovania. Luckily he recalled there was a gas station at the main junction just before getting to the speedway. He pulled over and rushed to the dispenser only to find a notice saying: Sorry, we are out of gas. Waiting for the delivery Now he had to find another gas station but was not too sure whether he will get there. A few days before, the manager at that gas station had noticed it was time to order more gasoline; he opened up the application for making orders at GlovaniaGas. But the process kept hanging for quite a while and eventually he got disconnected. He called the help desk and learned that the company was currently experiencing some problems with their oil derivatives order processing running on SAP system. read more

Mastering Complexity at the Edge

Unlike past applications that ran solely in the data center, modern applications execute code on diverse edge devices, often calling services from a variety of third-party cloud providers across the Internet, well beyond the view of traditional monitoring systems. To make matters worse, companies that modify their applications more frequently increase the complexity at the edge. While third-party services improve the end-user experience and deliver functionality faster than standalone applications, these… read more

Website Performance: Designing a Test Strategy to Evaluate CDN Performance

Moving static content to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a proven and relatively simple way to improve perceived website performance. By using a CDN to cache data on servers near the “edge” of the internet, you will not only enable faster access for the user, but also reduce your data center requirements. The easiest and least expensive content to move to the edge is static data - images and text files that change infrequently. But how do you decide which CDN to use? read more