application-aware Network Monitoring

Network App Performance: Application Deceleration Controller & DC RUM

Not too long ago I had an opportunity to work with a customer who was experiencing performance problems with their web-based HR application. Users at the headquarters location – about 30 milliseconds away from the data center – would occasionally experience page load times of 10 or 15 seconds – instead of the normal 2 or 3 seconds. Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) reported both a pattern… read more

Ensure Availability & Performance in SAP's Digital Economy

SAP applications play a key role in fulfilling business processes in today’s digital enterprises. Availability problems, even those that impact single users, result in efficiency loss and in a worst case scenario may even stop the process. From an IT operation perspective it is a challenging task to isolate and identify the root-cause of intermittent availability problems for a single user, when the application seems to run fine for everyone else. read more

Citrix Session Reliability Part 2: When “Network Errors” are neither “Network” nor “Errors”

In last week’s post I looked at Citrix Session Reliability and its relationship to key network performance indicators. I concluded by saying that measuring TCP connectivity issues is essential to an understanding of the user’s overall experience, and also that connectivity (or availability) from the user’s perspective likely has little to do with the underlying network performance. Instead, connectivity needs to be analyzed with application flow specifics in mind,… read more

Citrix Session Reliability: Does it Cloud Your Network Insight?

In this post, I won’t discuss the merits – good or bad – of Citrix’s Session Reliability feature; that topic is best left to Citrix engineers. Instead, I’ll focus on the importance of understanding and managing the performance of the underlying network to ensure the best possible end-user experience, with an emphasis on potential connectivity issues that may – or may not – be related to the Session Reliability feature. read more

Top Five Broken AA NPM Promises

You may have noticed – through experience, product literature, website content, or marketing emails – that virtually all AA NPM solutions tout benefits from capabilities embedded in such themes as “User Experience,” “Application Performance,” or “Business Impact,” – with enticing dashboards and lots of metrics and graphs to grab (and perhaps distract) attention. (I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sucker for modern, fast and beautiful dashboards.) In fact,… read more

Throughput, Capacity and Scalability – Oh My!

Co-written by: Kris Ziemianowicz Marketing Performance It’s always been true that vendors like to tout impressive performance numbers; if nothing else, it makes competitive marketing quite simple (and simplistic). 40Gbps throughput! Line-rate SSL decryption! Unlimited storage! It follows that vendors adopting this approach will choose measurement criteria that best highlight their point, even though those criteria may not reflect real-world network and application requirements. Remember the router wars of the early… read more

Transaction-Centric NPM: Enabling IT Operations/Development Collaboration

In my last post, I wrote about the value of IT/Business collaboration, and the importance of a common language, a common definition of end-user experience – user transaction response time – as the one performance metric both IT and business have in common. In it, I provided some background on the importance of understanding exactly how we define response time, since this definition dictates the usefulness of the… read more

Transaction-Centric NPM: Enabling IT/Business Collaboration

IT Operations and Digital Disruption One of the consequences of digital disruption is that IT is propelled much closer to users, who expect applications and services to be available and to perform well anytime, anywhere, on any device. Communicating with the business now more than ever requires communicating with these users, and effective communication requires a clear understanding of their experience with the application services you deliver. But how well… read more

Top Five Benefits of Transaction-Centric NPM: A Recap

I recently participated in a webcast that I called the “Top Five Benefits of Transaction-Centric NPM” – resisting some internal pressure to use the more common “Application-Aware NPM” or AA NPM term. Google the term “Transaction-Centric NPM,” and you’ll be hard-pressed to find content beyond recent references to the webinar. I’m not attempting to coin a new acronym – TC NPM, anyone? Instead, my goal is to shed… read more

3 Good Things About NetPod; a Combined AANPM Effort

So what’s going on? Dynatrace and Emulex have announced NetPod™, a fully integrated solution that combines Dynatrace’s Data Center Real-User Monitoring and Emulex’s EndaceProbe™ Intelligent Network Recorder. It is no small thing when two independent companies agree to take their market-leading products and create a new branded offering, so you have to figure there is something valuable going on here. In this blog, we want to go beyond… read more