app performance testing

Neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance

Let’s face it, neat code doesn’t always mean improved web app performance. During my career I have worked with many developers who take pride in what they write but, unfortunately, focus too much on theory and forget about performance. As frameworks become increasingly advanced, developers tend to lose touch with what is happening “under the covers”. What looks like a very clean piece of code on the surface might hide… read more

Dynatrace Recorder Simplifies Synthetic Test Recording

The ability to record tests has always been possible with Dynatrace Synthetic, using a separate recording tool available from the portal. Now it’s even easier, with the new Dynatrace Recorder (in beta at this time). Building your tests are as easy as navigating your web site. The new Dynatrace Web Recorder works as a Chrome plug-in, so you open the Dynatrace Portal using Chrome. A key feature of this design… read more

Top Tomcat Performance Problems: Database, Micro-Services and Frameworks

Slow or excessive SQL Queries; wrong configured connection pools; excessive service, REST and remoting calls; overhead through excessive logging or inefficient exception handling; as well as bad coding leading to CPU Hotspots, Memory Leaks, impact through Garbage Collection or stuck threads through synchronization issues. These are some of the top performance problems I analyzed through my “Share Your PurePath” program last year. A big “Thank You!” to all our… read more

Shift-Left Quality with Dynatrace Personal License

In the past year I have helped scores of developers, testers, architects and ops analyze the quality, performance and scalability problems of the business critical apps for which they are responsible. They shared their data via Share Your PurePath which allowed me to provide them quick feedback on the technical root cause of why an application won’t scale or is slow. All of these fine people had one thing in common: They looked… read more