Presenting dynaTrace AJAX Edition at SpeedGeeks in LA

Shopzilla and Steve Souders are hosting the SpeedGeeks event in Los Angeles on Monday, October 26th. It is a half day event with sessions focused on web development and site architecture techniques including talks from Steve Souders, Phil Dixon (Shopzilla), Paddy Hannon (Edmunds), Gavin Doughtie (Google), Morten Bagai (Heroku), Jeremy Custenborder, Yadid Ramot, Chris Bissell (all 3 from MySpace) and Randy Stafford (Oracle), Andreas… read more

Your Top Links about Web Site/AJAX Performance

With the recent work we did for the dynaTrace AJAX Edition we spent a lot of time in researching on existing blogs and articles on the topics of Web Site Performance, JavaScript and AJAX Frameworks. Here is a collection of interesting links on these topics: Web Site Performance Yahoo! Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site Google Web Performance Best Practices… read more

Performance Antipatterns in AJAX Applications

Several years ago JavaScript was seen as a „playground“ due to compatibility problems with browsers and high maintenance costs. Under the term AJAX JavaScript made the breakthrough in the last years. One of the reasons is the availability of libraries and better support of the major browser platforms. Prototype, script.aculo.us and jQuery are under the most well-known frameworks which solve the browser compatibility… read more

Top Low Hanging Fruit to Performance Optimize your Web Site and boost Business

Web Page Performance was one of the big topics at the Ajax Experience in Boston this week. Steve Souders – author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites – talked about the top things to look into when analyzing web page performance. Business impact on Web Site Performance Steve presented some recently published studies from Google, Microsoft and Shopzilla showing… read more

Web 2.0 at the Ajax Experience 2009 in Boston

TechTarget is hosting the Ajax Experience Conference in Boston from September 14th to 16th. Several tracks like User Experience, High Performance and Scalability, Architecture and more with sessions delivered by key people in the industry promise to provide great content for the attendees to manage the challenges in the Web 2.0 world. Web 2.0 Promises and Challenges Powerful browsers, faster… read more