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Dynatrace AJAX Edition 4.5 is here! Closing the Last Chapter, but the Story Continues

Update April 2017: Dynatrace AJAX Edition has been a great success story over the years but we had to move on and focus our development efforts in other areas. If you want to know where our journey is heading and how we can help you check out Dynatrace AJAX edition Over the last couple of years the Dynatrace engineering team out of Linz, Austria continually updated one of the… read more

How You Can Monitor Your Web Performance for Free

UPDATE (Apr 2014): My YouTube Tutorial on Web Performance Optimization with Dynatrace UEM UPDATE (Nov 26, 2014): I recorded a YouTube Video that walks through all these steps. Watch it here: Browser Diagnostics with Dynatrace I recently analyzed FIFA’s World Cup website for web performance best practices and highlighted the top problems FIFA had on their website (too many flag images, very large favicon, et Cetera). read more