3rd Party

Monitor 3rd party services as 1st class citizens

Dynatrace has long been able to capture and monitor all outgoing requests from your monitored server-side services. This includes web requests that your server-side components send out across the Internet. As there can be many of these, and most are likely not that important to you, Dynatrace collects these requests into a special service called Requests to public networks. Some of these requests are likely important to you. For example, you… read more

Website’s Vulnerability to Third-Party Services Exposed

While preparing for a presentation at the Internet Summit in Raleigh this week, I was able to look at some unique data from a new free online service we recently launched called Outage Analyzer. Outage Analyzer showcases the value of “Big Data” performance analytics delivering answers instead of just more data with real-time visualizations and alerts of outages in third-party web services. Outage Analyzer harnesses the collective intelligence of… read more

Third-Party Issues and the Performance Ripple Effect

On September 10, GoDaddy, a major Internet Registry and DNS provider for millions of domain names experienced an outage that caused a substantial impact for companies and people around the globe while major online sites in the US experienced no or minimal performance impact at all from this event. How can this be? How can a major online name registry and DNS provider go offline for 4-5 hours and only… read more

Approaches to Testing Modern Web Applications

As I was learning how to design and execute load tests, an experienced load tester told me the one rule you needed to be able to judge the effectiveness of a test execution: If something didn’t go wrong with some part of the application and/or infrastructure during the test, there was likely something wrong with the test you ran. Your company has spent months designing and writing a new application… read more

The Ripple Effect of Facebook’s Outage

Facebook recently suffered sporadic outages with some users briefly experiencing a complete outage, while others experienced hiccups with site functionality or no noticeable issues at all loading the site. The graph below (based on approximately 130,000 observations of Facebook every 2 hours as measured from the Internet backbone across than 3,000 customers) shows that the error rate was sporadic with 30- 40% during spikes. Because Facebook is larger, distributed service,… read more

The Application Performance Impact of Third-party Web Components

The application is what the user sees, not what the developer creates. There is an entire chain of events that occurs between the application behind your firewall and the browser (what the customer sees), called the application delivery chain. While it is important to understand the dependencies along the entire chain, you need to understand how your choice of hosts and services impacts the user. read more