3rd party components

3rd party providers tile is now app-specific

The current 3rd party providers homepage tile enables you to view the activity of the top three 3rd-party and CDN content providers used by the applications in your environment. With Sprint 66 you can now configure 3rd party providers tiles that show application-specific 3rd-party and CDN content provider activity. To set up an application-specific 3rd party providers tile: On the ruxit homepage, click + Add tile. From the 3 MOST USED THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS tile listing, select… read more

The Application Performance Impact of Third-party Web Components

The application is what the user sees, not what the developer creates. There is an entire chain of events that occurs between the application behind your firewall and the browser (what the customer sees), called the application delivery chain. While it is important to understand the dependencies along the entire chain, you need to understand how your choice of hosts and services impacts the user. read more