Welcome to the Dynatrace Ruxit newsletter! Our team is excited about the upcoming holiday season. We have some interesting news to share with you!

Dynatrace Ruxit PHP monitoring available in public beta
It’s time to release the beta version of Dynatrace Ruxit PHP monitoring support to the public! PHP monitoring can be manually enabled either for all or individual hosts.
Read more on Dynatrace Ruxit PHP monitoring and how to get started

Have you enabled Nginx monitoring in your environment?
We’re currently offering a successful public beta version of Dynatrace Ruxit Nginx monitoring! Dynatrace Ruxit provides important Nginx metrics like requests per second, average response size per request, and active connections along with CPU and memory metrics.
Learn more about Dynatrace Ruxit Nginx monitoring

How to load-balance microservices at web-scale
While there’s a lot of resources available on how to architect microservices, there isn’t a lot on how to scale microservices. We’ve done a bit of research, and here’s how load-balancing microservices is done in practice by the big players such as Netflix and Uber.
Hands-on guidelines regarding how microservices can be scaled

Have a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!
To all of our monitoring heroes and heroines celebrating Thanksgiving and the upcoming shopping holidays, we wish you a happy and alert-free break!

See you in the cloud!

Mary Nguyen