Ruxit Managed customers only

Following the release of Ruxit Managed v92, we’d like to share a quick overview of the most significant features that we’ve added recently:

Enable automatic backups

Ruxit Managed automatically creates backup files that can be automatically copied to a backup archive. You can now specify whether or not you want backup files to be created. By default, backup files are archived in the Ruxit data directory (/var/opt/ruxit/backup).

We’re working on additional enhancements to this functionality. Soon you’ll also be able to define a custom location for the backup archive and specify the time that backups are to be performed.


Remove/Restart Security Gateways

If you’ve installed Security Gateways for your Ruxit Managed cluster, you can now force their restart or remove them permanently from the list (following uninstallation).


Full Support of single sign-on with SAML

Following the previous early-access release of SAML, we now provide full support for SAML, including full validation of SAML assertions and support for POSTĀ binding during both login and logout.