Ruxit Agent improvements and fixes

  • Nginx beta:
    1. Nginx agent log files have been separated from nginx’es error.log to make easier log analysis
    2. Restart fail with “Address already in use” issue has been fixed
    3. Minor issues and the memory overhead could be further reduced
  • IIS:
    Missing IIS web server metrics for IIS 7.0.6002 as released with Windows Server 2008 SP2 has been resolved
  • Node.js:
    PM2 support

Security Gateway improvements and fixes

Ruxit Java Agent

With 1.79 we are introducing general JMX support

Nginx Beta – additional binaries supported

As explained in our Nginx Beta announcement, Nginx does not support Dynamic Module Loading. Therefore Ruxit Agent needs to know which binary is used so that it can inject the Ruxit Nginx performance monitoring module at runtime. With Sprint 79 we have increased the supported Nginx binaries from about 450 to 1319 different binaries. The following package sources have been added.

Ruxit support for Nginx starts with version 1.4 of Nginx.

1 For some older builds no debug symbols are available from the vendor.

Nginx Beta – commercial Nginx Plus is now supported

Version 1.79 supports now also the Nginx Plus binaries. Service detection and basic metrics are now also available for the commercial version. Nginx Plus specific metrics are under development and will be available soon.

Ruxit PHP Agent Beta

Read our blog for more details