Ruxit Agent improvements and fixes

  • Lots of fixes for .NET
  • Support for exception analysis for HTTP 500 errors on ASP.NET services

Security Gateway improvements and fixes

  • Fix for polling data from VMware service

IIS 10 Beta support added

As Windows 10 is coming soon we have started the support for IIS 10 and the Ruxit Agent now supports IIS 10. Because Windows 10 is not official released, the support is in Beta status.

New Node.js features

Starting with Ruxit Agent version 1.73 we support and automatically monitor 0.12 Node.js applications.

Deep failure analysis

We have added root cause analysis for Node.js applications. Simply click View details of failures in any Node.js service. You will now not only see the list of failures and failed requests, but by selecting a particular failure reason you will now also see the error, down to the code level, including the full stacktrace!