Ruxit Agent improvements and fixes

  • Support for Thrift communication in Java
  • Java RMI improvements
  • Various fixes for Apache and IIS
  • Fix for reporting disk read/write latency

CPU monitoring for Linux machines

In version 1.61 CPU monitoring for Linux machines has been enhanced with comprehensive breakdown of time spent in different modes- User, System, I/O wait. Other category groups times:

  • in user mode with low priority (nice)
  • servicing interrupts (irq)
  • servicing softirqs (softirq)
  • running a virtual CPU for guest operating system (guest)
  • running a niced guest (guest_nice)

In addition for Xen-based systems Ruxit provides insights into steal time, which plays an important role particularly in cloud environments and should be tracked closely.

Security Gateway improvements and fixes

  • Fix for collision of virtual machine ID, which is a result of replication of virtual machine images through simple file copy operation. After the upgrade historical data for virtual machines won’t be accessible. This fix has no impact on the historical data of ESXi hosts.
  • Fix for Security Gateway installer localization issue preventing successful installation.

Optimized Ruxit services

The Ruxit Broker service is not needed anymore and will be uninstalled. This ensures full visibility even during an upgrade of the Ruxit Agent.