Ruxit Agent improvements and fixes

  • Support for Spring Web services
  • Support for Jersey JAX-RS REST Web Service
  • Support for embedded databases (HSQL/H2)
  • Support the Tanuki wrapper
  • Support for the Plexus Launcher
  • Automatic masking of SQL literal and numbers for security
  • Automatic normalizing of SQL statements, for more efficient analysis and less overhead
  • Improved process detection: Ruxit now supports command lines bigger than 4k
  • Numerous stability fixes
  • Insights on Linux distributions

Security Gateway improvements and fixes

Various performance and scalability improvements

Technology support

Ruxit Agent update 1.59 and above brings an automatic detection of Varnish Cache and HAProxy technologies. Once discovered, the processes will appear in the smartscape view, host and process dashboards, where some additional information on resource usage is displayed.

In addition starting with 1.59 the Node.js monitoring is available as an experimental feature. Simply edit your host settings to enable service level Node.js support.

Network visibility

Ruxit Agent update to 1.57 and above brings an important new functionality – network monitoring of traffic between Ruxit-instrumented hosts and their clients.

Ruxit infrastructure monitoring offers more than visibility into hosts and processes. With network communication monitoring, Ruxit also gives you insight into the quality of the communication between your hosts and the processes that run on them. It isn’t enough to know that a process has sufficient server resources and responds in a timely manner—you also need assurance that your processes are clearly communicating their responses to calling parties and have uninterrupted access to all required resources. You also need to know which processes are consuming your network resources. Such network communication insight can be gained by monitoring the data packets that are exchanged between processes and the hosts they run on which in turn helps to answer following questions:

  • Which processes consume most of my network resources?
  • Which processes experience network degradation problems?
  • Can all important processes talk and connect to their parties?

When you upgrade to 1.59 you’ll immediately and automatically see network metrics per host, interface and process. There will be also new infrastructure events and new network root causes to service and application level problems. This basic network monitoring functionality is delivered out of the box with Ruxit Agent 1.59 update, requires no additional configuration, installation or license changes. Customers can enable or disable this functionality per each monitored host through Settings > Monitoring overview > Host.