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Auto-Mitigation with Dynatrace AI – or shall we call it Self-Healing?

After our AI-Driven DevOps webinar with Anil from Verizon Enterprise I got into a debate with my colleague Dave Anderson on how to call the auto mitigation approach we discussed during the webinar: Is it “auto mitigation”, “auto remediation” or shall we be bold and call it “self-healing”? Instead of getting caught up on terminology I thought to write this blog post and explain our thoughts and let… read more

Use Dynatrace API to automate fetch of raw process information

Once you install Dynatrace OneAgent on a host, you immediately gain full stack and code level visibility into each running process in your environment. This information is used to update Smartscape view in real-time and to provide input for our AI-driven problem root-cause analysis algorithms. Over the past year, our customers have told us that full visibility into each individual process provides other advantages, as well. REST API With this… read more

Service flow now includes problem indicators & throughput analysis

We recently announced that Service flow now shows infrastructure and load balancer details. Building upon this major enhancement to Dynatrace service monitoring, we’ve now added health information and a throughput-analysis mode to Service flow view. As you can see in the example below, Service flow now shows health indicators when a service or its underlying infrastructure encounter a problem (note the tiles outlined in red). By clicking on the answer_queue on… read more

Support for Node.js apps on Cloud Foundry PaaS

We’re happy to announce that Dynatrace has once again broadened its support for Cloud Foundry technology-specific buildpacks. We already support buildpacks for Java, PHP and Staticfile applications, and applications that run on IBM WebSphere Liberty. As of today, Dynatrace also supports Cloud Foundry’s Node.js buildpack for monitoring Node.js applications that are deployed in Cloud Foundry PaaS environments. Benefits of the buildpack approach Until now, you were required to install the… read more

Managed Kubernetes on Azure? Check.

It is difficult to go a day without hearing about container technology. And the most impressive announcements are still the ones about the growing adoption of Kubernetes. It was just two weeks ago that Docker announced native support for Kubernetes, and the multi-cloud story continues: last week, Microsoft launched AKS, a managed Kubernetes service on Azure. It’s not a typo: ACS is now AKS If you are familiar… read more

Nominate your company for a Perform 2018 Award!

Every year at our digital performance conference, Perform, we recognize customers and individuals that have surpassed our expectations. This year, we’re on the hunt for customers that have made the greatest strides in digital transformation and performance management. Do you think you or your organization has what it takes to be recognized onstage at Perform? We’re currently accepting nominations! At the individual level, we will recognize our… read more

Track business transactions using advanced request naming rules

According to most common definitions of the term “business transactions,” Dynatrace has provided business-transaction monitoring for some time already. For example, Dynatrace automatically detects your services and your requests. This means you can use request naming rules to adjust how your web requests are tracked and to define business transactions in your customer-facing workflow that are critical to the success of your digital business. With such end-to-end tracing, Dynatrace enables you… read more

Load Testing Redefined: A Guide from KPI Reporting to AI Supported Performance Engineering

The primary goal of Performance and Load Testing hasn’t changed a lot since I started working in this industry in 2001. What has changed are the application frameworks (from plain HTML via jQuery to Angular) and a shift from page-based to single page apps consuming backend REST APIs using JSON via HTTP(S). Having these services accessible via well-defined service contracts is a blessing for load testers, as we can easily… read more

Halloween horror stories from the IT trenches and war rooms.

At Dynatrace, we help the world’s most important applications work. Whilst working with IT and digital business teams the world over, we are never short of horror stories. Stories that are too scary to reveal the identities of the people, or the brands involved. But this Halloween, I thought it best to share anonymously, just a few frightening tales to remind you all – you are not alone in facing… read more

Monitoring for digital attackers: Closing the divide between biz, dev and ops for accelerated digital transformation

I like the term “digital attacker” because it conveys the exact goal and endpoint of digital transformation: turning IT into the enabling source for sustainable, competitive advantages.  An old mentor of mine described it well by saying, “I feel like I’m constantly being chased by a big boulder–the competition–and IT enables us to run faster to stay ahead of that boulder instead of getting crushed by it.”  In… read more