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SharePoint ListItem Performance

SharePoint provides a powerful object model to retrieve and manipulate data stored in SharePoint Lists. Its possible to query the data by retrieving all content from a list or view – or by executing a so called CAML (Collaborative Markup Language) Query Real-Life GetItemById Problem I’ve recently been working with a customer who faced performance problems with their custom developed web parts. The Web Parts allowed a user to view … read more

Optimizing Remoting by Optimizing Serialization

RMI Remoting Optimization Remoting is a key element in modern enterprise applications . While it can help to increase scalabilty and performance it might also become a bottleneck. Especially in highly transactional applications the network easily becomes the bottleneck. I examined possible performance optimizations in Java RMI following the guidance given in the book Java RMI. The results are very interesting. I used a simple address service which sends backa … read more

Lazy vs. Eager Loading in Hibernate

I recently gave a presentation at Jax 2008 where I talked about common problems on usage of database technologies and O/R mappers. A general question is on whether to use lazy or eager loading. Generally lazy loading provides advantages as it does not pre fetch all referenced data from the database. However when details are required lazy loading can very easily result in the famous N+1 query problem. The image … read more

Got LINQed?

What is LINQ? LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a great set of new features that evolved out of the LINQ Project (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa904594.aspx). LINQ allows you to execute “SQL Like” queries against different kinds of data sources (.NET objects/lists, SQL, XML). Its very powerful and it helps developers to query for certain information instead of “hand-coding” loops, if’s and switches. How fast is LINQ compared to “traditional” looping? In order to … read more

Instrumenting SQL Server Managed Stored Procedures

Starting with SQL Server 2005 a database developer has the option to implement Stored Procedures in Managed Code. SQL Server offers a feature which is called “CLR Integration”. A good starting point for additional technical background is the following link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/k2e1fb36(VS.80).aspx This feature is a great improvment for database developers. Its also possible to debug the managed code when you execute the procedure. The upcoming question for me was: “Can … read more

Anti-Pattern Workshop at codecentric

I am currently at a performance anti-pattern workshop at codecentric. We will work on a list of performance anti-patterns. We just have started and already have whiteboards full of anti-patterns. More details will follow in upcoming posts. For all who can’t wait to see more here is a first presentation done by Mirko Novakovic in german. … read more

VSTS LifeCycle Integration to monitor SharePoint

I am currently attending MSFT TechEd in Orlando. During lasts week TechEd for Developers I was given the opportunity to talk about dynaTrace Diagnostics – the Integration into Visual Studio Team System and how dynaTrace is able to provide a solution for Microsoft SharePoint throughout the Application LifeCycle. They key components to our LifeCycle Solution are: A Knowledge Sensor Pack for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services … read more

Performance Antipatterns and Crowdsourcing

Last week I have been to a conference of one our partners. In the keynote they had a very intersting talk about crowdsourcing. As we are always trying to find out what the most critical performance problems of people, I will try to crowdsource their collection. So when you came across a hard performance problem or anti pattern, please just post it here. Let’s see how this works. … read more