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Why we spend too much time with load testing

I have been working with many clients that perform load testing – ranging from small to large scale – using open source or commerical tools. Load-Testing itself has become easier and more affordable due to growing list of available tools as well as the availability of online load testing services. Despite the fact that load testing can be done easier and faster and that more load can be generated with less costs there… read more

At STPCon Fall 2009 in Boston this week

The Software Test & Performance Conference takes place in Boston this week. The 5 conference tracks cover many interesting areas for software testers: Agile Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Test Management and FutureTest. I will be on-site on wednesday and thursday during exhibition hours. Find me at the dynaTrace booth in the exhibit hall or grab… read more

Your Top Links about Web Site/AJAX Performance

With the recent work we did for the dynaTrace AJAX Edition we spent a lot of time in researching on existing blogs and articles on the topics of Web Site Performance, JavaScript and AJAX Frameworks. Here is a collection of interesting links on these topics: Web Site Performance Yahoo! Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site Google Web Performance Best Practices… read more

Video on Common Performance Antipatterns online

Parleys – Common Performance Antipatterns Last year at devoxx I gave a talk on common pitfalls in performance management. Parleys has now put the talk online. A couple of people have been asking to get slides. Now you can even get the voice and the slides. In this presentation I give an overview of typical performance… read more

Performance Antipatterns in AJAX Applications

Several years ago JavaScript was seen as a „playground“ due to compatibility problems with browsers and high maintenance costs. Under the term AJAX JavaScript made the breakthrough in the last years. One of the reasons is the availability of libraries and better support of the major browser platforms. Prototype, script.aculo.us and jQuery are under the most well-known frameworks which solve the browser compatibility… read more

Load Testing 101

Have you been asked to look into load-testing your software? Have you or are you about to buy one of these “Testing for Dummies” books to get a kick-start in that domain? This blog explains some of the basic concepts, challenges, terminologies and approaches for load testing software applications. It is a summary of the work that I’ve done in my past (used to work for a Load Testing company)… read more

Automate Testing and Root-Cause Analysis with PushToTest and dynaTrace

Testing, Test Automation and Load Testing are critical tasks in the Software Development Lifecycle in order to ensure application readiness and application performance before it gets shipped to the end user. Too much time is wasted in creating different types of tests that are then often only executed manually producing results that don’t get you to the root cause of your problems. Additionally, most test automation tools build in cost and… read more

Steve Souders on dynaTrace AJAX Edition

Steve is probably one of the most well known persons in the industry when it comes to web application performance. He took the time to look at our free dynaTrace AJAX Edition and shared his feedback on his recent blog post titled dynaTrace AJAX Edition – tracing JS performance. Here are some of the highlights: “… through the UI you’ll find the answer for… read more

Performance Considerations in Distributed Applications

Distribution and communication between applications and services is a central concept in modern application architectures. In order to profit from distribution you have to keep some basic principles in mind – otherwise you can easily run into performance and scalability problems. During development these problems often do not surface.  Then suddenly in load testing or production you might then realize that your chosen software architecture does not support the required… read more