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SharePoint Performance Articles and Case Studies

My series of SharePoint blog posts was recently posted as an article on InfoQ: SharePoint Object Model Performance Considerations. One of the comments I got on this article pointed to a very interesting Case Study discussing SharePoint Load Testing. It highlights some good configuration options that you have in SharePoint to improve the overall system performance of your SharePoint installation. … read more

Live from TSSJS (TheServerSide Java Symposium)

TechTarget is hosting this years Java Symposium in Las Vegas. dynaTrace is exhibiting and we are given the opportunity to talk about the challenges of Software Architecture and how the lack of visibility into the performance aspect of your architecture will result in huge efforts when those problems manifest itself in a production environment. If you happen to be at TSSJS and you want to learn more about how you can avoid common … read more

ADO.NET Entity Framework: unexpected behaviour with MergeOptions

I’ve started to look closer at the ADO.NET Entity Framework that ships with .NET 3.5 SP1. There are some interesting blogs from the ADO.NET Product Team that you should read. I started with a sample database that contains a simple Address table. I created an Entity Model that automatically created my ObjectContext, my Entity Classes and the accessor method for an ObjectQuery to my Addresses. Accessing Entity Objects The following code … read more

How to use the WebBrowser control to render custom content?

I normally blog about performance or scalability related topics. But – as I’ve been struggling with the WebBrowser control for the last couple of hours to do what I thought should be a simple task – I though it’s worth sharing my findings with you on this “functional” topic. Scenario: Using WebBrowser control to render custom HTML and react on link clicks I am working on a new integration of … read more

SPTechCon 2009 Session Video available

I had two sessions at this years SPTechCon 2009 in San Francisco and it seems I am going to have the same sessions again for the upcoming SPTechCon in Boston from June 22nd to June 24th: 602: INTO THE WILD: THE CHALLENGES OF CUSTOMIZED SHAREPOINT APPS IN RELEASE 801: BUILDING SCALABLE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHAREPOINT APPLICATIONS I’ve already uploaded the sample apps at THIS blog post and now I am ready to … read more

Can you trust your .NET Heap Performance Counters?

Memory Management is a tough topic in managed runtime environments like .NET or Java. Checking the available performance counters is a good start to identify memory leaks or memory problems. The .NET Runtime exposes several interesting counters that should be monitored: Gen0, Gen1, Gen2 and Large Object Heap Size Gen0, Gen1 Promoted Bytes/Sec Promoted Memory from Gen0, Gen1 Total commited and reserved Bytes Using a Performance Counter Monitoring tool like … read more

Resource Leak Detection in .NET Applications

I’ve recently been working on one of my ASP.NET Sample Applications that I use for demo purposes. When doing demo’s I usually run scheduled synthetic web transactions in the background to simulate some user load. One of demo’s last week took a bit longer than expected. So I ended up execting more load over a longer period of time than I’ve done in the past. While working with my app I … read more

SharePoint: Performance Problem with LookupField Control

The Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.LookupField control is used as the default control when editing a lookup field value. When the list that is referenced by the lookup field contains hundreds or thousands of items – it takes this control a while to gather all items that will be displayed – slowing down the page performance when requesting the edit page of your list item.Following illustration shows a standard list and how you would start … read more

Understanding Caching in Hibernate – Part Two : The Query Cache

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials In the last post I wrote on caching in Hibernate in general as well as on the behavior of the session cache. In this post we will have a closer look at the QueryCache. I will not explain the query cache in details as … read more

Understanding Caching in Hibernate – Part One : The Session Cache

Update Jan 21, 2016: You can now test all this on your own application FOR FREE – FOR LIFE. Get your Dynatrace Personal License and Watch our YouTube Tutorials Hibernate offers caching functionality which is designed to reduces the amount of necessary database access.  This is a very powerful feature if used correctly. However I have seen a lot of cases and also talked to many people on caching in Hibernate, where caching … read more