• Support for Tibco JMS
  • Support for Spring web services
  • Support for CXF 3.x JAX-RS client


  • Support for Service Fabric remoting

General improvements and fixes

  • Efficiency improvements for many technologies, resulting in lower CPU usage.
  • Support for user-defined bridge network mode for Docker
  • Quick Emulator (QEMU) hypervisor detection
  • Detection of ZeroMQ message broker
  • Detection of SQLite technology
  • Windows Agent MSI Installer supports custom path installation
  • Enhanced definition of process group importance rules. Process groups become also important if log monitoring is set for them
  • Changes to caching of loaded library versions

Security Gateway

  • Improved memory management
  • Custom certificates support for SGW running on Linux

OneAgent for iOS and Android

Dynatrace OneAgent for iOS release 6.5.7

  • Support for RATreeView (enabled via the DTXSpecialDelegateHandling flag)

Dynatrace OneAgent for Android release 6.5.5

  • Increased Java heap size for auto-instrumentation (Windows)
  • patch for aapt tooling that provides missing application-label output to avoid issues in instrumentation wizard