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User behavior analytics now in beta!

The Ruxit team is proud to announce the beta availability of user behavior analytics for all Ruxit customers! Whether you want to see how many people are using your web application, how active your users are, the bounce rate, or the difference in performance between entry and exit actions, the new user behavior views can help you with integrated performance- and web-analytics data. Ruxit now serves as the bridge between the… read more

Use Visibility & Facts to Avoid Lengthy War Rooms & Miscommunication

A few days back I was called into a war room situation with the hosted services group of our partner hybris. They were facing issues with the eCommerce site of one of their customers, a large UK based luxury clothing retailer. The situation was quite critical. Even though loadtests were conducted and everything appeared to be optimal, the eCommerce site encountered issues during a recent customer promotion which required… read more

What Marketers who Care about CX Can Learn from IT

Customer experience (CX) is a hot topic in digital circles as well as more traditional marketing conversations today. In spite of such focus, however, most people miss some of the basic principles of CX. You may be one of them. Here’s a quiz for you: which is more important to the overall marketing effort, CX or conversion – in other words, closing the sale with a customer? If you said… read more

Update: Countdown to Premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens: Digital Performance Is Essential for Related Sites

Star Wars, The Force Awakens Premieres – A Look at the Digital Performance of Ticket Purchasing and Merchandising Sites Under the Force of Online Visits Update: December 22nd, 2015 Star Wars Digital Performance – “Epilogue” Update “When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master” So as we wrap up the Star Wars weekend, all reports (spoiler free here) say that Star Wars, The Force… read more

Help! 70% of our data center traffic caused by Search Engine Robots!

I recently began research on Search Engine Optimization to further understand what we can learn from Performance Monitoring solutions. As an IT nerd, I started the investigation on the technical side of the house, speaking with operators and CTO’s about robots. Interestingly, all of them expressed the same concern: “They are an issue! We run more than half of our data center for them!” At first I found this… read more

Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2015: Mobile Crushes It Again

If last year’s holiday eCommerce trinity of Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the tipping point for mobile, this year paid off BIG for those that bet the trend. While early indications for overall sales may be mixed, online sales were up 36% on Black Friday and up 18.1% on Cyber Monday. That’s pretty good, but the real growth came from mobile. read more

Production: Performance where it REALLY matters!

“Production is where performance matters most, as it directly impacts our end users and ultimately decides whether our software will be successful or not. Efforts to create test conditions and environments exactly like Production will always fall short; nothing compares to production!” These were the opening lines of my invitation encouraging performance practitioners to apply for the recent WOPR24 (Workshop On Performance and Reliability). Thirteen performance gurus answered the… read more

Last-Minute Black Friday Rescue & Cyber Monday Readiness

In order to be ready for Christmas season, online retailers typically bring their shops into shape right before Black Friday. Together with Cyber Monday this is the most important day in the retailer’s year. (@Stilnest) is a publishing house for designer jewelry, running their online shop on Magento. While the guys at Stilnest did a good job in preparing their environment, the interest in… read more

Black Friday Night – Saving your eCommerce business – Real Time!

It’s Black Friday in the US! For me it’s actually already early Saturday being located in Europe. The past hours I spent on troubleshooting eCommerce sites that went down during their Black Friday peak sales periods. My friends at hybris kept me in the loop with their effort on keeping their customer’s commerce sites up and running. I thought to share my experience of analyzing the root cause on four sites powered… read more

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Live Blog: Retailers’ Mobile & Web Performance

Update: December 9, 2015 at 9:00am EST The Mobile Holiday Weekend Now that the dust has settled let’s have a look at how mobile impacted the Holiday weekend. Dynatrace’s holiday shopping report told us that 50% of millennials will do more mobile shopping than they will by making in store purchases, and 60% of them will be doing more mobile shopping than they did last year. With that in… read more