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The secret to better collaboration & better CX

Voice of Customer and web analytics platforms are important. But if you’re using a collection of those tools as a means to understand what experience your customers are having, you’re only winning half the battle. The problem with Voice of Customer (VoC) You’ve upset your customer, and now you’re asking them for feedback? Sure there is a lot to learn here but why does it have to be… read more

Dynatrace Perform 2017 Digital Performance Management conference date announced: February 7 – 9, Las Vegas

The fourth annual Perform 2017 conference takes place February 7 – 9 2017 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas! Two-and a-half days, 60+ sessions, 75+ industry thought leaders, and over 100 hours of training. We are scheduling speakers and creating an agenda that you don’t want to miss! Last year’s presenters included executives from over 60 Dynatrace customers like Nordstrom, American Express, TUI, Verizon, Panera, Luxottica, and Sherwin Williams! Want to attend Perform 2017… read more

Brexit Crunch on Financial Services Sites

With the Brexit decision over, financial markets are reacting to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.  Below is a view showing the performance of various financial services websites, aggregated by industry and country. The most immediate impact has been with UK based brokerage sites.  The team at Dynatrace proactively monitors hundreds of financial services sites as part of our Benchmarking practice.  The chart below shows how… read more

Roller-coaster Performance: Digital Downfalls in the Tourism Industry

Last night, after we put the kids to sleep, my wife and I sat down to a glass of wine and planned a weekend away. We’re new to the U.K. and friends of ours had recommended a getaway idea that would be fun for the whole family. Cue: pick up my mobile phone. Like all tech-mad impatient people in their thirties, we wanted to skim read… read more

Measuring the Business Health of the Digitally Transformed Enterprise

How healthy is your business? Or to place the question into a more strategic context: how will digital transformation impact the health of your business? Furthermore, how will digital transformation change the way you measure your business health? Traditional measures of business health depend upon a variety of financial key performance indicators (KPIs). Basic KPIs like revenue and profitability are important, but bean counters over the… read more

The Dynatrace Rio Report: 2016 Post-Games Analysis

Update: August 24 – 2016 Post-Games Analysis Update: August 19 – Social Media Showdown Update: August 18 – A View From Down Under Update: August 16 – View of Top Global Brands Update: August 15 – Carrier/ISP Performance Update Update: August 11 – All Eyes on South America and Italy Update: August 10 – Consumer Favorites From Around the Globe Update: August… read more

5 tips from Dynatrace 2016 Digital Experience Report

Dynatrace recently released its annual Digital Experience Report comparing the digital experiences offered by leaders in seven industries. You can watch the webinar or read the report to find out who the leaders are in your industry. Beyond identifying the leaders, the report dives deep into performance analysis to give you some ideas on how to improve.  In this post, I will highlight my top 5 tips for improving performance collected from the… read more

Using heat maps to obtain actionable application-user insights

Based on studies from Google, Bing, Walmart, Amazon and others, we know that Users change their behavior because of the slightest degradation in performance. Amazon claims they see a 1% conversion drop per 100ms speed. But what about other factors such as first time vs revisiting users, users entering your app through Landing Page A vs Landing Page B, premiums vs regular paying users, power users vs  “I am just… read more

How fast is ‘fast enough’?

Customer experience has been billed as the single biggest focus for businesses this year by the likes of Adobe, Gartner, and about a billion digital consumers. And the speed of our websites and applications is a core experience metric that many big companies focus on. And why wouldn’t you? It’s widely accepted that digital assets need to load in three seconds or less, otherwise 40% of your audience… read more

Choose an APM Tool for the Solution – not for the Problem!

Just last week a senior Hybris consultant shared the story of a customer engagement on which he was working. This customer had problems, serious problems! We are talking about response times far beyond the most liberal acceptable standard! They were unable to solve the issue in their eCommerce platform – specifically Hybris. Although the eCommerce project was delivered by a System Integrator/Implementation Partner, the vendor still gets involved when things go really wrong! After all, the vendor… read more