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Performance vs. Scalability

When people talk about performance and scalability they very often use these two word synonymously. However they mean different things. As there is a lot of misunderstanding on that topic, I thought it makes sense to have a blog post on it. One of the best explanations can be found here.  It is a nice explanation by Werner Vogels the CTO of amazon.  I… read more

Visual Studio Team System for Unit-, Web- and Load-Testing with dynaTrace

Last week I was given the opportunity to meet the Visual Studio Team System Group in Durham, NC. We discussed the current dynaTrace integration into VSTS and how it can be raised to the next integration level. I also had the chance to let Ed’s Team discover the benefits of the existing Integration by using dynaTrace and the available Integrations on their current projects. read more

Performance Analysis in Load Testing

Collection diagnostics information in Load Testing is a challenging task. Using dynaTrace it is possible to collect in-depth code level details with minimum performance overhead. However, although the performance overhead is low, collecting every single detail results in a huge amount of collected data. For 24 hour load tests this can be up to tens of gigabytes. In stress test scenarios which target to bring an… read more

ASP.NET Page LifeCycle X-Ray’d

There are many good articles on the web covering ASP.NET Page LifeCycle – published my Microsoft on MSDN or by professionals in .NET related blogs. Dynatrace allowed me to dive deeper into the Page LifeCycle seeing the impact of my implemented OnInit, OnPreRender, … methods of my pages, web parts and controls when my application actually runs under… read more

ASP.NET GridView Performance

ASP.NET offers a powerful GridView control that can be used to display data from different data sources, e.g.: SQLServer, LINQ, XML, …  The control additionally supports features like paging, sorting and editing. Visual Studio makes it very easy to use this control on your web page and to bind it to a data source like a SQL Server table. It only takes several drag&drop operations on your page and a few… read more