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Verifying your own .NET IL-Code

Quick Summary This post is about our contributions to the .NET Open Source community to help create a new and more flexible .NET Intermediate Language (IL) Verifier. It will explain what IL is, why you would actually want to modify it and finally introduce to you different ways of verifying such IL. This whole story was initiated by our efforts to improve the quality and stability of our product. Introduction:… read more

We’re professionals & that is how we roll…

The other night, a few members of the Innovation Lab and the Product Management team decided that it’s time again to head out in the evening and have fun together. Even though we work closely together on a daily basis, we still like to spend time together after working hours. This reflects that Dynatracers are not only technical experts working on the worlds most awesome monitoring solution, but also have… read more

Finding performance bottlenecks with Dynatrace in less than 5 minutes

As all of you (hopefully) know are we running load tests for Dynatrace in different stages, including regular regression performance tests on daily builds from the trunk. Looking into the performance of the Web UI – which is part of the load testing scenario, I found the following top contributing Web UI REST calls: The REST call /e/2/rest/startscreen/data/NETWORK_MEDIUM was identified as a hot spot from multiple perspectives (CPU time, response… read more