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‘Tis the Season for Dynatrace

Twas the night before “go live” and everyone knew, If the code didn’t work, their careers would be through. The code was reviewed and load tests were started, Every metric was precisely charted. The results came back and they were relieved, For all of their functional goals were achieved. Only one final approval to put it in prod, The manager signed off and gave it a nod. The final milestone … read more

Constantly innovating. 7 years an APM leader.

When you’re an APM leader, innovation is everything. But investing in R&D means a dual focus on core capabilities and new advancements – constantly weaving the two together, to create a formidable offering that will address the deep and complex needs of existing and future customers. At Dynatrace, we invest more in redefining the APM industry than anyone else. We believe that’s why we’ve been positioned as a leader for … read more

Redefining the Dynatrace brand

Today we launch a new chapter in the life of Dynatrace, and I’m pretty happy to arrive at this moment in time. It’s been an honour (and a massive challenge) to be tasked with redefining how Dynatrace presents itself to the world – one that took me on a very rewarding journey through our company and its history. What’s in a brand message? Branding is so important because it communicates … read more

The many reasons that customers love Dynatrace

There are many reasons why Dynatrace is the APM market leader. Our unified digital performance monitoring platform helps more than 8,000 organizations optimize customer experience, modernize operations, and accelerate innovation across cloud and on-premises environments. We’ve even revolutionized the way that businesses manage the operational complexity of today’s highly dynamic environments with the introduction of the world’s first AI-assisted monitoring solution. It’s true that Gartner has recognized Dynatrace as a … read more

‘Dynatrace Ruxit’ becomes ‘Dynatrace’

Now, nearly two years since the launch of Dynatrace Ruxit—thanks to the extraordinary success and value that Dynatrace Ruxit brings to our customers—it’s time for a product name change that reflects the deepest possible commitment of the world’s #1 performance management vendor. Going forward, Dynatrace Ruxit will be known simply as ‘Dynatrace’, same as our company name. This is an exciting time for us to move the Dynatrace Ruxit technology and architecture to the forefront of our full-stack digital … read more

Does your Liquid Infrastructure float? Or are you sinking in what you don’t know?

With so many new web technologies available, one might assume that things are getting easier for the average Operations-minded DevOps professional, but they aren’t. In fact, things are becoming more difficult. It used to be that a little background in shell scripting and some basic knowledge of infrastructure—whether it be networking or servers—could get you a long way. Then came virtualization and the Cloud and software-defined everything. Today you find … read more

How we sped up

If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ve likely noticed the sped up performance at the website over the past few weeks. Assuming you haven’t just switched to a faster Internet service provider, the performance increase is likely due to the tireless efforts of our web experience team. The biggest challenge for our guys was to provide a faster experience while delivering the same amount of content. With no cuts in content size, how did we manage … read more

The Rise of the Liquid Data Center – How the Cloud, Docker and Micro Services change the game

Our industry’s perception of what a data center is and how it is provisioned has significantly changed with the adoption of cloud and virtualization technologies. What started as pure infrastructure on-demand has evolved to a powerful technology stack which we refer to as the Liquid Datacenter. The Liquid Data Center So, what is the Liquid Data Center all about? In short the Liquid Data Center is the fully virtualized software-defined … read more

Dynatrace shows Cloud leadership becoming an AWS advanced technology partner

We’re excited to announce that Ruxit is now a technology partner in the AWS Partner Network. Since the launch of Ruxit last September, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of AWS customers, enabling them to more efficiently manage their applications in AWS. As Ruxit itself runs on Amazon Web Services, we know firsthand what’s needed to provide effective monitoring within . Everything we build is tested and … read more

Enter to Win A 2-Day Pass to Velocity Santa Clara from Dynatrace!

We’re giving away passes to the Velocity Conference in Santa Clara (May 27th-29th, 2015) and we’d love to see you there! Each pass includes access to all sessions, keynotes, exhibition hall, on-site networking events and lunches on both Thursday and Friday, and are valued at almost $1800 each! Interested in entering to win? It’s simple! Here’s how: You’ll need to have an activated Ruxit account (with the agent installed on … read more

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