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Newsletter: AWS Partnership and Cloud Monitoring

Hello everyone! Welcome to our weekly update showcasing how we’re making your #monitoringlife richer. The Ruxit team is happy to announce our partnership with Amazon Web Services. Plus, Node.js monitoring support is now available! AWS partnership We’re now listed on the AWS marketplace. Ruxit monitoring functionality and pricing have been tailor-fit for cloud products since day one—so it’s the perfect complement to your cloud-based services. Monitor your… read more

Newsletter: Succeeding with Dynatrace

Hello, everyone! Wondering how satisfied ruxit users are? Today, we share not one, but two red hot pieces of intel with you. So hold on tight—these are big! Happily surprised by happy customers Read our latest blog post for a story that shows how customers can benefit from using a product even when they use the product in ways that its developers never anticipated. read more

Why our customers love Dynatrace

We launched our all-in-one monitoring tool only a couple of months ago and although Ruxit is still a new player in the monitoring market, we’ve already released many useful features. Ruxit covers application performance monitoring, server monitoring, real user monitoring, network monitoring, and virtualization monitoring, and supports numerous technologies. What we’re really happy about is that we’ve helped so many of our customers address their… read more

Happily surprised by happy customers

Can a customer really be happy if they don’t use your product the way you intended? This is the story of my humbling experience with customers I never expected to be happy. I’m responsible for Customer Success at ruxit. My job involves education, support, consulting, and sometimes just being in the wrong spot at the right time. It’s all good though, because I get to see the impact… read more

How microeconomics help boost application performance, Part II

In my last post, I talked about how I keep my approach to application performance simple – I use my one semester’s worth of microeconomics knowledge to continuously evaluate the supply and demand sides of my application architecture. What can go wrong, right? 🙂 One of the points we’ll explore further in this post is that supply shouldn’t be viewed simply as… read more

Newsletter: MongoDB, JMS and RabbitMQ

Hello everyone! The ruxit team has been working hard to make your #monitoringlife even more comfortable. We’re happy to announce monitoring support for MongoDB and Java messaging services. Track your MongoDB connections MongoDB is a popular cross-platform, document-oriented database that is designed for high availability and automatic scaling. ruxit now supports tracking and inspection of all MongoDB statements from your… read more

Using microeconomics to think about application performance

About 15 years ago I gave an application performance presentation to some storage guys. Since I was a database jock at the time and didn’t “speak” I/O very well, I had to try a different approach. Rather than speaking over their heads in my own language, or faking it using their language, I tried to pick something neither of us were experts in – microeconomics. What’s interesting is that that… read more

Newsletter: Play, Elasticsearch and Netty

Hello everyone! Your #monitoringlife is about to get better! Next week’s release introduces support for asynchronous I/O in Java through Netty. This enables you to monitor any application that’s built on top of Netty-based technology. Netty is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework designed for rapid development of maintainable high-performance protocol servers and clients. Here are some of the more prominent products that are now available for monitoring:… read more

Top DevOps Tools We Love

The word DevOps is a portmanteau of “development” and “operations”. However, anyone who knows “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim et al. will agree that its radius is much wider than what the term suggests: it’s a melting pot that combines principles from Agile Software Development and Lean Manufacturing with the aim to reduce friction and improve collaboration by honing a culture of… read more

Network in the Cloud is No Free Lunch

If you have your applications running on AWS or a similar cloud-based solution, you’ve effectively “outsourced” your networking to the cloud as well. Of course, this can be of great value. Most significantly because it frees you from maintaining physical network infrastructure. Not having physical access to your network doesn’t, however, mean that you’re free from taking care of your network. Let’s see why you need network monitoring in… read more