Wolfgang Beer

Wolfgang is a Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has a long record of research in software analytics and mobile computing. At Dynatrace, he's responsible for baseline calculation and event correlation in performance analytics. He also drives the topic of mobile app monitoring.

Wolfgang Beer's articles

PagerDuty incident management support

Ruxit monitoring and problem alerting can now be integrated with PagerDuty incident management so that your team can respond to service failures and requests as quickly as possible. PagerDuty’s sophisticated and customizable escalation policies and schedules are ideal for informing responsible DevOps teams about detected problems. The Ruxit mobile app is the preferred method for receiving real-time notifications related to problems in your environment, but if your organization uses PagerDuty… read more

New version of mobile app (iOS, Android)

We’ve completely redesigned the Ruxit mobile app to maximize your reaction time in problem resolution. Version 2.x of the mobile app provides push notifications for all problems that are detected in your applications, services, or infrastructure. Problems feed The new design delivers just enough problem detail to provide DevOps staff with the information they need to make quick decisions and begin resolution efforts. With different icons representing service-level, application-level, and infrastructure-level problems, you can tell… read more