Wolfgang Beer

Wolfgang is a Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has a long record of research in software analytics and mobile computing. At Dynatrace, he's responsible for baseline calculation and event correlation in performance analytics. He also drives the topic of mobile app monitoring.

Wolfgang Beer's articles

Integrate monitoring insights via Dynatrace API

With the new Ruxit API, you can access Ruxit availability monitoring via a simple HTTP REST interface. Monitoring data can then easily be shared and repurposed in numerous ways. Ruxit analyzes the performance of your application environment in real time to identify slow response times, errors, and other customer-facing issues. To achieve this, Ruxit continuously compares the normal performance and behavior of your applications to the current, performance and behavior of… read more

Performance anomaly detection for database services

Dynatrace now offers detailed anomaly-detection settings for database services. You can even override automatic baselining and use your own custom thresholds. Dynatrace automatically learns the baseline reference values of all your database services and notifies you when response-time degradations occur or error rates increase. As the number of database service calls is typically much higher than the number of web service requests, and because database-service response times are on average… read more

VictorOps incident-notification and management integration

VictorOps is the real-time incident management platform that allows DevOps teams to manage their on-duty schedules and deliver problem notifications. VictorOps provides teams with a virtual environment where they can prepare for, react to, and recover from each incident regardless of location or device. Ruxit provides detailed problem and root-cause analysis for performance issues within your application and service infrastructure. By introducing VictorOps integration, Ruxit gives you the opportunity to notify co-workers about customer-facing… read more

Dynatrace API enables pull of real-time data

Ruxit collects and evaluates a tremendous amount of data related to your monitored environment. The data include many important metrics that span all the way across datacenters and all the way down to individual service- and application methods. The new Ruxit API enables your developers to pull real-time data directly from Ruxit. Although we strive to offer the right metric chart for every case case you might encounter, and allow you to build customized dashboards, you may still face a requirement to integrate… read more

Problem notifications for Windows Phone

Ruxit mobile apps are the recommended option for receiving real-time push notifications when problems are detected in your environment. Ruxit now offers a native Windows Phone app that’s ideal for receiving problem notifications in real time. The Ruxit Windows Phone app supports Windows versions 8.1 and higher and will run on the upcoming Windows 10 phone. Our native Windows Phone app offers all the same functionality as our native apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Ruxit native mobile… read more

Dynatrace now speaks Slack!

Slack team communication is all the rage these days. Slack offers hassle-free team collaboration that just feels right, which is likely the reason that this platform has attracted such a large following. We at Dynatrace have been working hard to offer you a Slack problem-notification integration that allows us to update Slack channels with Dynatrace problem details so that your teams are… read more

Zapier connects Dynatrace to 400+ cloud platforms

Ruxit now offers a Zapier integration that enables users to receive Ruxit problem notifications across 400-plus cloud services, including Twitter, Slack, JIRA, and many other providers. Zapier is a powerful integration platform that enables you to easily automate tasks across applications. Zapier’s strength is in connecting cloud systems where no direct interface exists and “glue code” would otherwise be required to enable a… read more

Integrate problem notifications into 3rd party systems

Problem notifications are an essential part of the Ruxit intelligent infrastructure and application monitoring system. Some of you have asked if it’s possible to integrate Ruxit real-time problem notifications into third-party SaaS solutions—such as HipChat, JIRA, Slack, Zapier, or PagerDuty—as well as in-house systems and notification mechanisms. Ruxit now offers a generic WebHook-based integration that allows you to configure your own custom integrations into a nearly unlimited number of 3rd-party collaboration systems. read more

Parameterized anomaly detection settings

One key feature of Dynatrace is its ability to continuously monitor every aspect of your applications, services, and infrastructure and to automatically learn all the baseline metrics related to the performance of these components. Dynatrace automatically learns the baseline response times of your applications and services, factoring in variables such as geo-location, browser type, operating system, connection bandwidth, and user actions. Such multidimensional reference values—for example, all users from New York… read more

Recurring problem patterns: “Frequent issues”

If you’re monitoring a large environment you’ve almost certainly come across some aspects of your systems that trigger unwanted problem alerts on a regular basis. Possibly you’re aware of a disk in your environment that’s almost full and you have no intention of swapping out the disk because it’s not a mission critical component. Or maybe you’re running a build and development machine that’s continuously low on resources, but it’s… read more