Wolfgang Beer

Wolfgang is a Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace. He has a long record of research in software analytics and mobile computing. At Dynatrace, he's responsible for baseline calculation and event correlation in performance analytics. He also drives the topic of mobile app monitoring.

Wolfgang Beer's articles

Performance monitoring with certified ServiceNow integration

The Dynatrace-to-ServiceNow integration is the perfect way to seamlessly report IT-service related problems into your organization’s ITIL process. By integrating Dynatrace state-of-the-art full-stack performance monitoring with your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB), you get increased accuracy and avoid the time-consuming effort of manually mapping your entire system environment. Keeping your configuration management database (CMDB) up to date typically means manually updating your system structure on a regular basis. This… read more

Please update your email problem-notification filter/routing settings

Due to the fact that we’re simplifying our product name to ‘Dynatrace’ (See ‘Dynatrace Ruxit’ becomes ‘Dynatrace’ for full details), please note that the subject line and sender details on the problem notification emails you receive from us will change from ‘Ruxit’ to ‘Dynatrace’. If you’re using an email filter to route or automatically process incoming Ruxit problem notification emails, please adapt your filter to reflect these changes. The change-over… read more

Mobile HTTP request performance & error rates

The user experience of your iOS and Android apps depends largely on the performance of your app’s web requests. Slowly reacting app pages are often caused by low-performing web requests that call third-party providers—such as Facebook or Twitter—or your own backend services. High error rates are often the cause of missing data on app pages. Even high crash rates can be caused by your app not gracefully handling missing data. All… read more

Traffic spikes & drops now separately detectable

Over the past weeks, we’ve received a lot of feedback about our detection of abnormal traffic spikes and drops. While an unexpected drop in traffic may indicate a potential application outage (see blog post about potential application outages), abnormal traffic spikes—while interesting—typically aren’t mission-critical issues that require immediate attention. In order to reduce the noise of non-mission critical problems related to traffic spikes, we’ve split the detection of traffic spikes and… read more

iOS and Android mobile app monitoring (beta)

We’re happy to announce that Ruxit now provides mobile application monitoring for iOS and Android! You can now seamlessly monitor the user experience of your mobile apps in the context of your backend services. Ruxit mobile application monitoring enables you to monitor the stability, performance, and usage of your mobile apps in real-time. The new Mobile app dashboard tile provides you with a quick overview of the number of users and percentage of crash-free users who… read more

Detection and correlation of availability issues

Dynatrace intelligent problem correlation is a powerful tool used by DevOps to quickly identify and understand problematic situations in large-scale environments. To highlight the value of Dynatrace availability-problem detection we’ve added some textual explanations to event descriptions on Problem pages. The first addition relates to Unexpected low traffic application problems. Such problems are often an indicator of availability issues on the application side. Because Dynatrace compares current traffic with traffic from 7 days… read more

OpsGenie problem notification integration

Ruxit now offers another useful integration option that enables you to directly connect to your OpsGenie incident management account. OpsGenie accepts problem notifications from Ruxit and sends them directly to you via iPhone, Android, Blackberry push notifications, email, SMS, or phone call. OpsGenie enables you to easily define duty schedules for specific parts of your monitored infrastructure. It also enables you to route Ruxit problem notifications directly to responsible teams… read more

Improved security for Dynatrace API keys

The Ruxit API has grown over the last month to enable you to quickly integrate with all Ruxit full-stack monitoring capabilities. As we continue to develop the API over the coming months, we will ensure that your key tokens remain secure. To this end, the redesigned API key list (see below) now hides all keys by default. Also, the list now shows you who the owner of each key is… read more

Integrate problem notifications with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the most extensive enterprise service management platforms available at the moment. The new Ruxit-to-ServiceNow integration is the perfect way to seamlessly report IT-service related problems into your organization’s ITIL process. ServiceNow provides enterprise service management software for efficiently managing the full spectrum of enterprise-related affairs, including legal, HR, finance, facilities management, marketing, and field operations. ServiceNow supports the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), an integrated, process-based, best… read more

Introducing Dynatrace artificial intelligence API

Many of us here at Dynatrace Ruxit are geeks who love playing with technology. We’re also big fans of movies. So, with all the recent attention paid to AI and intelligent messaging-based personal assistants in movies, we decided it was time for us to do some AI innovation of our own using the versatile messaging-integration options provided by Ruxit. Using AI to make DevOps tasks simpler A key driver in designing… read more