Todd Ellis

My experience with Weblogic, includes, but is not limited to, OBIEE, HFM, GRC, EBS, SOA Suite, ALSB, ALBPM and many custom Weblogic environments. I have been writing custom monitoring and automation applications/scripts for nearly 10 years. Much of this work has been done for Fortune 500 companies. I’m hopeful sharing my experiences will help you to better run your systems.

Todd Ellis's articles

7 Reasons why APM is a No-Brainer for all Organizations

Why bother? That is the question many IT professionals face when trying to sell the value of application performance management internally to their organizations. As a working IT manager, for a Fortune 500 company, I like to save my company money, work more efficiently and ensure that my system users are happy. It sometimes feels easier to not bother, but then inevitably there is a system failure, a group of… read more

Top 10 WebLogic Performance Metrics to Proactively Monitor a Server Farm

In my years of experience with Weblogic monitoring, I came up with a list of key metrics that can help determine the health of my server farm. These early indicators allow me to set pro-active steps instead of waiting for end users to complain. The following screenshot shows one of my Dynatrace dashboards containing key health metrics captured through JMX: Dynatrace Dashboard showing the health status of… read more