Thanos Matzanas

Thanos is a member of Enterprise Managed Services at Dynatrace. As a Guardian Consultant, he helps clients embrace Application Performance Management (APM) as part of their overall strategy. He passionate on aligning APM to Business Objectives. Thanos holds a BSc in EE and MSc in IT. Currently, he is a part-time MBA candidate at WBS.

Thanos Matzanas's articles

Default Garbage Collection settings for JVMs can cost you!

If you are following this blog you will have come across multiple posts that point out the correlation between Garbage Collection (GC) and Java Performance. Moreover, there are numerous guides on How Garbage Collection Works or Configure Garbage Collection policy on your Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Having read the above posts you can quickly come to the conclusion that misconfigured GC parameters can be catastrophic. But where… read more